Thursday, 26 July 2012


Hiya, it's Milly :D

How are you all?

I didn't know dad was taking in a sponsor ship sheet to his work today, so when he came home with two Bag's FULL of money I was SUPER surprised! He sent an email around his (large) office, with a request to help me in my fundraising, telling them about me: IE my age, why I'm doing this, and what I'm doing it for, oh, yeah and the profile picture of my Facebook page :D People came to his desk and told him they cried when they read the email *Blushes* they also said I was amazing!! And guess how much I raised..... *Beats a drum* I got £220!!!!!!!!! And there is more to come from another office! I was overwhelmed..  Thankyou to everyone who has donated! xxx ~ Stay strong and shine on! xx <3

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  1. Brilliant news - your dad must work with some lovely people ... :0)