Saturday, 21 July 2012

Moving along... Step one... Online Auction....

Ideas are flowing and things are beginning to take shape...
The first idea to be put into action was an idea by another Home educating Mum who is a friend on facebook. 

The idea is to hold an online auction. 
People donate - in this instance it will be hand made craftiness :-) - then we set a date and get the word out for people to check out all the items and bid on them. 

We have got as far as requesting donations. I do find this quite a difficult thing to do but Mel set the ball rolling on Milly's facebook Charity page and a couple of people donated quickly. That gave me courage to go ahead and ask others ... Cos if you don't ask you don't get :-))

5 people have pledged to donate items so far and they are spreading the word so I hope to have more soon. 

This idea of Milly's is growing and the most wonderful by product for me is the joy it is giving to us...The connection with others, the generosity of strangers and friends both online and in real life. 

Every day someones generosity or their willingness to help fills our heart and spurs us on to do more.

I am pushing myself beyond my comfort zone to make this experience count and to raise as much money as we possibly can. 
The idea we had at the start was to hire the village hall and have an afternoon tea where we would sell cakes etc before shaving Milly's hair. This idea has been growing and we are aiming higher ...
More on that if and when the ideas we have are able to be put into operation...

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