Sunday, 29 July 2012

Donations coming in all shapes and forms...20% profit to Milly's causes.

I posted this on the facebook page -you could nip along and like it if you haven't already :-)) 

Lynn here...Just a quickie :-) Running totals so far... £144.00 cash from the Justgiving page...Alan's workmates.... money collected collected already £ 221.50, sponsorship money still to come in around £65.00. Running total £430.00!! There is a chance that Alan will be able to go round another office in his complex and raise some more. Huge thanks and big love to Al's bosses for letting him spend time doing it and to all the staff who donated so generously ♥

One of Alan's colleagues called Lisa wrote Alan an email. She has given permission for it to be used here. 

It is lovely to hear Children now getting involved in fundraising activities for such a worthwhile cause. I lost my Gran some years ago to Cancer and more recently my Father in law in March this year. I would be more than happy to sponsor your daughter. 

(True to her word Lisa has made a generous donation via the Justgiving page<3)

I sell a range of cards, gift wrap, stationary etc. I donate my *profit* to various charities as this is the reason I started doing it. I used to have a basket at work until the beginning of the year as items started going missing unfortunately. I donated any orders to the hardship fund and later in the year I am doing an event at HMRC Lilyhall for a similar cause. The reason I am waffling is, if your daughter is doing any events or you know of anyone interested in looking for their Xmas gift wrap and cards ( yes, I have already sold some in July!) as well as  every day cards etc. I am more than willing to donate my 20% to help your daughter raise her money.

The website to have a look at is

I will have my Xmas catalogue's over the next 2-3 weeks but I have some Xmas stock already. 
Many thanks, Lisa. 

So yet another way to help Milly get to her total with the very kind gesture from Lisa <3 
 I am such a last minute kind of person with Birthdays etc that it would be great to have a stock of them in and I am going to get ahead of the game this year and order some Xmas cards and wrap and of course 20% will then go to the charities :-)) 

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